Monday, October 13, 2008

LoTT-D: Nilbog skoobs.

As regular readers of the humble electro-digital periodical know, we here at ANTSS, by which I mean "me," pride ourselves on keeping abreast of the latest doings in the genre. Which is why it pains me – Pains me, I say! – to confess that I totally dropped the ball in introducing our latest LoTT-D member. This delay is inexcusable; but if you'll accept an excuse nonetheless, I blame the economy.

Ladies and germs, give a big belated round of ANTSS-style applause to Paul Bibeau, the man, the myth, the legend, the blogger. At his deeeee-lightful Goblinbooks, Bibeau shares original short stories, waxes philosophical about missing car keys, shares vintage horror clips (including the silent classic Nosferatu in its entirety), and even explores a ghost town in Virginia.

One thing you should know about Paul.

Having achieved membership in the League, many of us would rest on our laurels. On any given day, you can find me kicking back by the League pool at our members on penthouse club in Hong Kong, sipping mai tais with Tenebrous Kate and Zombo's man Friday, discussing the finer points of Freud with Curt over tea and moules a la mariniere at Balthazar, or harassing the in-house talent at Entourage Vegas with Chad. Basically we Leaguers live la buona vita. What more, I ask, is there to aspire to?

But does Paul lapse into a sybaritic life of hedonistic and decadent pleasures with the rest of us libertines?

No sire-ee Bob! Instead, he's busy being the author of not one, but two – count 'em, TWO – books: a short story collection called The Big Money and Other Stories and a horror-centric memoir/travel tome called Sundays with Vlad.

Overachiever! Nerdelmeister! Way to make us look bad, Paul!

But I think you'll like him anyway. His boyish charm is disarming like that. Click on over and let him know you care, won't you?


PaulBibeau said...

Thanks for the good word. I'm sending the love right back. I watched the GI Joe "Thing" video, and it filled me with great joy and hope for our future. Sure G-T/W porn is the foundation of the net (Who can forget the subtle passion in such classics as He-Geezers Bingo Splash XII), but I think this video is right up there. All I wanted was for the music to suddenly halt for a clip of little plastic Wilford Brimley in the shed telling everyone that he was feeling okay.

CRwM said...


I've always said He-Geezers Bingo Splash XII is the Citizen Kane of the genre.

Or did I say Citizen Kane was the He-Geezers Bingo Splash XII of drama films?

One of those things is something I said all the time.

Anyway, welcome to the League.