Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stuff: Or maybe you've got a better explanation for Michael's behavior?

So, like, Halloween is the new Christmas. This means that you might want to start thinking about getting in the habit of givin' folks Halloween gifts. You know it is going to happen. Deny all you want, but it's the inevitable next step in holiday evolution. It's even part of the big federal bailout package: By making Halloween a major gift-giving holiday, Congress hopes to create one enormous shopping season that starts mid-August and extends until the tail end of the first week of January. Well, that's what I've heard.

To get into practice, you should buy me the awesomer than awesome "Thriller was Documentary" tee from Seibei pictured above. Seriously. It's okay. I'll be your spotter while you limber up the old shopping muscles. No need to thank me. XL please; we at ANTSS are currently undergoing a major man-scaping and he-decorating project, but we're not quite at L just yet.


Kitty LeClaw said...

Hahaha! You so quippy!

And, you're right! That shirt really IS awesomer than awesome! If your country's economy wasn't effing up my country's economy, I'd totally buy it for you!

Har. I'm a bit of a quipster, myself!

CRwM said...

Ms. LeClaw,

Um, yeah, about the collapsing global economy. Sorry about that.

Boy, am I red-faced.

Rampant and unregulated speculation in toxic assets seemed so safe and downright sexy at the time. Who could have guessed that dealing in something called "toxic assets" could be dangerous. If only there was some name, something we could have called them to imply how potentially harmful these assets were.

Still, my bad.

Anonymous said...

Uff i´m happy that there isn´t such a halloween-hype in germany. o yeah those lame germans again.. ^^