Friday, October 17, 2008

Stuff: A late note on the debate - OR - Why a politician's associations do matter.

Normally, I avoid discussing politics on this site. Unless there's some overt politicizing in something I'm reviewing, I tend to steer clear of the whole filthy enterprise. I don't mind discussing what goes on the dank basements of Eastern European torture clubs, but why drag the conversation down to gutter of politics? Kids visit this site, after all. Besides, if you go to horror Web sites looking for the political insights, I'm not sure anything anybody could write would improve your sorry lot.

That said, I can't be silent anymore. I'm horrified and disgusted at how politically extreme bloggers and the slavish star-struck media have been characterizing the latest debate. By any objective measure, we all know who really won: The Penguin!

Damning stuff that should effectively end Batman's campaign for whatever public office could possibly be open to a masked vigilante who refuses to identify himself.

Sing it with me now:

"Vote for Penguin, yes sir-ee.
He's the bird for you and me.
Clean up Gotham 1, 2, 3.
Vote for Peng-ee!"

Thanks to the wifey and her homegirl - Salamander - for hipping me to this clip.

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Anonymous said...

Perfect for a friday afternoon.. More Adam West!