Saturday, October 11, 2008

Stuff: Brains, or the Lego man equivalent!

Scene's from the Legoland's zombie holocaust. Found on /Film by way of Dave at Digital Download.

Which makes me wonder, since Lego people are made up of the same stuff as all the other materials in the Lego world, would Lego zombies just as happily chow down on, say, trees or housing materials as they would people? And, given that everything anybody eats in Legoland is made of the same stuff people are, doesn't that mean that everybody is a cannibal and therefore zombies are kinda moot? The implications stagger the mind . . .

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Spin the Moon said...

Ah Lego zombies are quite the puzzle. First off, these set-ups are awesome. I love the Legos on the roof with sniper rifles.
As to your question, maybe Lego zombies are a bit different from human zombies. Maybe they only want to convert the 'norms' over to the zombie way of life.