Thursday, June 26, 2008

LoTT-D: Fresh meat.

The League's got two new members. That's right. We're spreading around the League logo like a bad case of athlete's foot in the boy's locker room . . .

And speaking of the boy's locker room: Permit me to introduce Billy Loves Stu: the blog for "homos who love horror and the non-homos who love them." Dude, did you know there was a Leather Pride Flag (pictured above)? If you read B Hearts S, you would. It's actually kinda cutesy for leather types, I think. But my personal feelings about the design of the Leather Pride Flag aside, blog-master Pax Romano is an insightful and clever writer whose posts are well-worth your attention.

The League also welcomes Jeff Allard: the man, the myth, the legend behind Dinner with Max Jenke. Alllard's an experienced horror writer. His work has appeared in newspaper columns, fanzines, online sites, and more. His main love is 80s horror cinema, but his tastes are wide-ranging. When you're tired of the amateur ramblings here, go all-pro with Din-din with Maxie J. You'll want seconds.

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Good Job!