Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Music: Gruesome twosome (plus one).

So, like two trillion years ago I wrote up the Canadian retro-garage outfit the Gruesomes and posted their low-budget video for "Hey." In that post, I lamented that videos for their more horror-blog appropriate tunes didn't seem to exist. Well, like long-haired twangy zombies rising from the grave, here's a trio of Gruesomes' videos.

Now much the same way gimmicky surf groups are required by law to cover the "Theme to the Munsters," horror garage groups are legally bound to produce a cover of Screamin' Lord Sutch's "Jack the Ripper." Because they stand for law and order, here's the conscientious Gruesomes rocking a live version of said tune:

And here's a Gruesomes ditty about the ultimate horror icon: the Devil himself. The video seems to have been lifted from a videotape of a local music show, so forgive some tracking artifacts. Here's the Gruesomes' "Way Down Below":

Finally, in a nod to their garage rock roots, here's Montreal's fine garage revivalists doing a live cover of the Sonics' classic "The Witch":

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