Monday, June 23, 2008

Music: Oh The Horrors, The Horrors . . .

Morning, Screamers and Screamettes, welcome to another work week. To pep you up, I thought mayhaps you'd dig a little goth-infused neo-garage punk from our friends across the pond: The Horrors.

This tune, "She's a New Thing," comes from their first long-player: Strange House. The animated video, which looks like some Nightmare on Elm Street version of A-Ha's Take On Me, is a nod to the scrawling art of frontman Faris Rotter. Long before he was the cadaverous frontman of The Horrors, Faris would compulsively fill Moleskine notebooks with intricate bizarre-o doodles (see above). Rotter's turned his manic drawings into a whole side project, having done fanzine covers and even a whole solo show at London gallery.

Here's The Horrors' "She's a New Thing." Warning: this video contains NSFW images of animated nipples. Though, to be fair, if you work in an office that would flip out over that, your office mates will find plenty of other WTF imagery in here to get upset about. By the time they've made a list, they might forget all about the nipples.


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