Saturday, June 14, 2008

Music: 'Cause even monsters deserve access to good health care.

Though supported by a rotating crew of other staff members, the core of the Canadian indie rock outfit Metric is the duo of Emily Haines and James Shaw (also of Broken Social Scene fame). The video for the New Wave revivalist's 2005 "Monster Hospital" starts with a Ghostbusters kidnapping-of-the-gatekeeper/Repulsion reference but develops a bizarre and freaky Jacob's Ladder feel to it.

Sadly, I cannot embed the video because the Universal Music Group has made the wise decision to disallow the easy and wide dissemination of otherwise free two-year-old music video. Good thinking, gentlemen. That'll hit those pirates in the sensitive bits.

Anyway, click this very link and be magically transported to the video in question:
Angular riffs and stage blood: enjoy!

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OCKerouac said...

Everything about Metric is genius... Good show giving them some much deserved pub... I think I shall read on good blogger for your taste is obviously above avergae!