Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Stuff: You’ve seen the movies, you’ve read the books and comic books, you’ve eaten the hot sauce, now buy the portraits.

I’m going to let you in on a little tip. You know, just betwixt me, you, and the wall. Don’t tell nobody I told you, but I think the next big thing in horror is going to be zombies. I’m serious. They’re an underused concept and I think they’re completely ready to blow up.

Canadian artist Rob Sacchetto must think so too. He’s offering to create zombified portraits of you and your loved ones. Just send him a photo reference and $80 US (+ $5 shipping and handling), and he’ll dead you up something fierce.

Sample works and order info can be found on his site.


Anonymous said...

So would the Ms go for one of those ? I see a wonderfully touching, romantic Christmas gift in the works here..

As a forefront visionary on the horror/zombie genre, where do you see the next big development in zombies going ? Vampire zombies? Robot zombies ? Pygmy zombies ?

spacejack said...

Hmf. I should've thought of that. Maybe I can do vampires.

Anonymous said...

I sense... sarcasm.

CRwM said...

Back to Sas:

The following zombie-types are woefully underexploited and I think we’ve poised to see big developments on these fronts:

1. Baby zombies – waves of flesh-eating toddlers roaming the countryside. Given their status as a considerable portion of the living population, zombie babies are way under-used. Gives new meaning to the term breast feeding.
2. Zombie sharks riding zombie elephants – where are my zombie sharks riding zombie elephants, eating and crushing everything in their path?
3. Zombie politicians – marshalling the massive numbers of undead voters into effective voting blocks, zombie politicians seize control of the White House and the Legislative Branch. They then wait several years, but eventually the natural order of things gives them control of the Supreme Court. Once securely in power, they draft laws that the living must feed themselves to zombies.

I suspect we’ll see the most development on these fronts.

Anonymous said...


Stupid quizz, you and/or the Mrs may enjoy: