Friday, November 10, 2006

Music: Something is rockin' in the state of Denmark.

Alright ghouls and gals, to send you off into your weekends with a little swing in your step, I submit to you the necro-tinged psychobilly of the Horrorpops. This Danish group formed out of the members of various punk groups – ably supported in their live acts by two go-go dancers recruited from the piercing shop where the leader singer worked her day job.

Perhaps not as rough edged as some of their psychobilly predecessors (like the Cramps), they blended a slightly more polished and lush pop sensibility to the music, making it sound something like a rockabilly take on Siouxsie and the Banshees. The guitars swing between punk infused retro stomp and standard indie-pop, while the lead vocalist sugarcoats her schlock-horror references in a sweet but naughty delivery that could be mistaken for the work of the chick from No Doubt.

The Horrorpops started performing live shows in 1998 and, after a couple of line-up changes, produced a single in 2003: "Ghouls" backed with a ditty called "Psychobitches Outta Hell."

Here's their first A-side:

Here's their sauntering "Walk Like a Zombie":


Anonymous said...

Holy Stray Cats! A stand up bass! Cool!
And the horrorpops logo's cool, too. The skull has false eyelashes!

CRwM said...

Personally, I dig the cute little way she adds an unnecessary "r" to the end of "Morticia." Those Danes; so darned cute!