Friday, November 03, 2006

Stuff: And then the disembodied hand kicks into a big musical number . . .

Links to an archive of Bollywood horror film posters have been popping up around the net. I have no idea what any of these movies are about or whether or not they are any good. Despite that, many of the images are cool in a raw, sideshow banner sort of way.

If these images spark any curiosity about the horror output of Bollywood, you might also find this capsule history of Bollywood horror, with an extensive collection of Bolly-horror reviews, worth your attention. Of special interest are the paragraphs on the Ramsey Brothers, who the article credits with defining the Indian B-movie horror genre.

Special thanks to Hulver site regular ad hoc for leading me to these subcontinental scares.


Anonymous said...

Oh, shoot... I think I drooled on myself...
Maaaannn... INDIAN HORROR FILM POSTERS!!! That poster with the crazy flying hand I've seen before, in the book MONDO MACABRO (highly recommended). But these poster is tremendous!
They are so... luridly juicy and colorful! Sometimes the anatomy or basic composition is kind of funky, but boy, do they sell the thing when they put on the color! Yum! Yum! Yeah, good call on the sideshow analogy.
Oh, I am adding these sites to my favorites list NOW!

On another subject, do you read RUE MORGUE magazine? Have I asked you this before? I'm losing my mind.
Anyways, the two latest issues are worth tracking down. The latest has a cover story on Billy Van and THE HOUSE OF FRIGHTENSTEIN, this Canadian (kids? Perhaps ostensibly, but it doesn't come off that way) show that I remember from years ago. I'm assuming we got the show because we live in Buffalo. It sounds like something you'd enjoy learning about if you haven't been exposed to it before. For instance, billy Van plays all these whacked out horror (or just plain outlandish) characters including a Wolfman DJ (get it?) who would crack corny jokes (okay, ALL the characters cracked corny jokes) and then get down and funky with a song while these psychedelic patterns would play behind him, I think while he was "playing" an electric guitar... sort of "air guitar" but with a guitar prop.

The previous issue has a cover depicting the Zombie from ZOMBIE and has a tribute to Lucio Fulci. i don't know if you're a Fulci fan... but that's not why I bring that issue up anyways! Ha! Go misdirection! Yes!
They have a list of "50 Essential Horror Books"! I thought you might find it of interest.

KABRASTAN!! My severed possessed hand will consume your face!! Moo ha ha ha!!

CRwM said...

I have a special weakness for this particular poster as the title of a film from the sub-genre of "disembodied hands on the rampage" gave me my blog's title.

I've heard of Rue Morgue, but have never read it.

Sadly, I'm lived in complete ignorance of Billy Van and The House of Frightenstein. The title alone is worth price of admission. It sounds like it is right up my alley. I wonder if any DVDs of the show exist.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you've already done this, but type in HOUSE OF FRIGHTENSTEIN in YouTube and there are some videos.
Maybe I should actually read that freakin' article I was talking about and see if they say anything about a DVD...