Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Music: "And the swart fins of doom race underfoot!"

I feel bad that I vicariously dragged everybody through the crap sci-fi/horror of Jason X. So, to make it up to you all and try to repair whatever damage that film might have done to our friendship, I humbly offer you the epic-on-a-budget sci-fi wonder that is the video for the Volumen's indie-pop "Sexy Astronaut." Thrill to the sight of uncharted planet-spheres, tremble before the horror of the sand shark, fear the otherworldly rage of the land octopuseses-es-ez-si. Enjoy.

The Volumen are a new wave outfit that hails from Missoula, Montana. They formed in 1996, went through some line up changes, and settled into the current roster by 2000. The band put out EPs in 2000 and 2001, but it wasn't until 2006 that they finally produced the full length Science Faction. You can find this album and more on their official site.

To keep my spook-site cred, here's the Volumen working a more traditional horror-vein in the video for the song "Snakes."


Anonymous said...

I think you've gained more MST3k cred than anything else..

Those guys look like one of the bizzare pan-Asian viral music videos that get passed around every now and then..

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed by the creative production values of both of these music videos!
What would JASON X have been like if the director and art director of these videos had made that F THE 13TH entry?
But in color!

The end credits to Sexy Astronaut is curiously creepy, probably because of the music playing over the incongruous visuals.

The eyeballs REALLY make those skeleton costumes! They're awesome!

So, do these guys perform in funky costumes for all their music videos? It's a great shtick!

CRwM said...

Speaking of Jason X, and when aren't we really, there was a scene that in that movie that reminded of your idea for a flick about Jason in the off-season.

There's this scene where they get him in this holo-deck and attempt to distract him with a simulation of Crystal Lake. And Jason, on finding himself suddenly back in what appears to be home, just starts walking off into the woods. It was actually kind of poignant and sad, as if, given the choice between wandering aimlessly through the woods of Crystal Lake or continuing to kill people on some space ship, he much rather be wandering alone in the woods.

He's really the Henry David Thoreau of slasher killers, isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha!
I'll have to inform my wife... she'll appreciate that.
But, you're right, that does sound like a cool character moment.

Gah! Hollywood sucks! They're so friggin' inconsistent!