Friday, October 16, 2009

Music: Swing, you sinners.

Just in time to save your Halloween mix from being subsumed in a flood of ill-constructed novelty tunes about Frankenstein's pajama party or the Mummy's beach blanket hootenany, the Free Music Archive features the Diablo Swing Orchestra's album The Butcher's Ballroom.

Here's the description from Marvin Vernon, web master of Free Albums Galore:

This Swedish ensemble has one of the freshest and most exciting sounds I've heard in a long time and they manage it through an insane combination of heavy metal, swing jazz, a traditional European music smorgabord, and a classical soprano voice that probably broke wine glasses in the studio. By the time I got through the first two tracks, I considered going to the emergency ward for the possibility of impending head explosion. There is an operatic feel throughout the tracks and an intensity that hold up marvelously through every musical twist. There are actually two vocalists, male and female, and these two work to good effect on "Rag Doll Physics", a weird cross between Wagner and Ozzy Osbourne. Just about when I thought my head might explode, soprano and guitar make love on the gorgeous ballad "D'Angelo". However if you really want to get the sense of this album start at the first track with "Balrog Boogie", a full-assault barrage of swing and metal that has to be heard to believe.

Best part? The whole damn album's free. Seriously. All treat, no trick.


Prof. Grewbeard said...

no offense, but i LIKE songs about Frankenstein's pajama party or the Mummy's beach blanket hootenanny,as long as they're well-constructed- which they often are, that is if you're into beach blanket pajama parties, which i am...

CRwM said...

Surely professor, you can't be serious?

I understand pajama parties. And I believe in beach blanket hootenannies. (Hootenannies? Hootenanni? Hootsenanny?)

But a beach blanket pajama party? The very idea is mad!

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