Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Music: Procession is nine tenths of the law.

San Diego's own Black Heart Procession formed in 1997 as a sort of alt-country Swans or, if you prefer, a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds with a less ironic relationship to their source material. Their early works featured grinding tunes about loss and loneliness accompanied by singing saws and full of newly coined expressions that felt like dead metaphors from deep history of Yoknapatawpha county.

As the band evolved, they moved closer to the mainstream language of the artsy flank of indie rock, though they maintained their bleak and brooding, dusty and weathered tone.

"The Witching Stone" is off their album 6. I don't know if I'm diggin' the low-fi Blair Witch inspired video. Seems a bit goofy to me. I like the song though.

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