Monday, June 22, 2009

Stuff: Dress code.

I post this knowing full well that it may cause Dave – the poor guy I regularly drag to Court Street Theater to check out whatever drek might be bad enough to start a riot there – to entirely empty out his life savings.

But it seemed nifty enough to warrant the risk.

The Brit-based Hide Your Arms t-shirt blog has a spiffy list of 101 of the best robot-centric t-shirt designs with links to the online vendors who will hook you up. Here's a few of my personal faves.

We need to face it. Most of us look better dressed. Make with the click-click and suit up. As a special limited-time offer, tell the folks at the participating t-shirt stores that you're from And Now the Screaming Starts and they'll answer, "Say what now? Never heard of it."


Sasquatchan said...

Didn't you post the target silhouettes one earlier ?

Do I get any extra points for knowing the "Clash of the Titans" robotic owl ? (Had to double check the right movie, and seems they didn't know which movie either..)

(glad work isn't blocking you today..)

CRwM said...


Good eye. I've actually posted that design and one of the giant rampaging robot designs before.

Plus, a trillion extra points for you for identifying the robot owl. I'll give you a trillion more if you can tell what famous 19th century American author's retelling of the Perseus story served as the inspiration for Clash?

Screamin' Dave said...

You bastard. How am I supposed to feed my family now?

I am particularly fond of "What Would Optimus Prime Do?"

wiec? said...

the Bubo one rules!

same with Autobot symbol crossed with the guy from the Pringles logo. excellent stuff!

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

OMG! Is that first one the robot owl from Clash of the Titans!!
(Oops, did I just give my age away!)

They are all great. Thanks for sharing.


Doc Atomic said...

No more naked for me! Which brings at least one ongoing national tragedy to an end...

Thanks for the heads up.

Andy said...

I don't know if they're the 101 best designs with robots ever, but some of them are pretty good. Thanks a lot for the post, I appreciate it!