Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Music: Running man.

The Austin-based White Denim tricks out their almost Black Key-ish dirty blues licks with angular vamping and post-punk touches. The trio formed '05 and cranked out a 7" EP, Let's Talk About It, two years later. They followed the EP up with Workout Holiday in '08 and this year's Fits.

Despite the lack of major label backing, they've cranked out a surprising sweet video for their "I Start to Run" that not only showcases their paradoxical sound, but has a sardonic Six-String Samurai/Punishment Park feel. If you have not yet seen the delightful Six-String Samurai, leave work now and go rent it. Hell, in this economy, how long was your job going to last anyway?

But then again, if you haven't seen Six-String Samurai, you probably live in some non-electrified backwater and are not currently reading this.

Enjoy White Denim's "I Start to Run."

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