Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Books: Will the copyeditors make "chain saw" one word?

Not much information yet, but GalleyCat is reporting that Chain Saw director and horror icon Tobe Hooper has just signed with Crown for his first novel. Right now it's got a tentative release date of Halloween, 2010.

No word on the content, but a bigwig at agency that brokered Hooper's deal told GalleyCat the following:

They're an energetic team, and the proposal they created got a lot of attention. The most compelling element of the book is Tobe's use of his own life experiences in the story. He's a master storyteller who mines his own history for the project ... We've begun discussions with several producers already, and are getting a lot of calls as word gets around.

Honestly, it's been awhile since Hooper's done something that really rocked my face off. That said, given the seminal status of TCSM, I imagine I'll pretty much have to cave in to my curiosity and check this novel out when it streets.


gil mann said...

I'm hoping for a novelization of Lifeforce to clear up the two or three hundred questions the film left unanswered.

CRwM said...


I'm hoping that the "his own experience" thing is a coded reference to the Hooper/Spielberg dust up over Poltergeist. I think it would be interesting if Hooper turned in a dishy career-implosion tale about a hot indie cult director who makes the big time just to have it explode in his face rather than a traditional horror novel.