Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Music: Moonwalk macabre.

Formed originally as a folksy duo by the name Unitard, singer Karen O and guitarist Nicolas Zinner electrified their sound, hooked up with drummer Brian Chase, and became the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Producing a strong of critically and popularly successful albums and EPs, the trio emerged as one of the few "it bands" to survive the post-White Stripes neo-garage bubble.

The YYY's new long-player, It's Blitz, expands the groups sound, adding dreamy electronica, dicso, and even a hint of Celtic traditional to their rock palate. The video for the second single from that album, "Heads Will Roll," features a Michael Jackson inspired werewolf that not only has some nice moves, but goes all chomp-chomp-slash-slash on the audience and band. Dig, Screamers and Screamettes.


Donald Kendall (Moderator) said...

Interesting!! Very bizarre indeed. Great article - you have a new fan...The Nobody nods his head at you. The Eerie Coterie love this blog.

CRwM said...

Mr. Nobody,

I'm glad you dug it and you're a nicey to say so.

spacejack said...

I dig this too! Although I preferred watching the band perform to watching the werewolf emote.