Thursday, May 14, 2009

Music: Cave in.

On the 19th – just five short days away – Mute Records will drop remasters of the first four Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds albums. The music-meisters at Aquarium Drunkard use the event to wax poetic about Cave and Co.'s debut platter: From Her to Eternity and offer up a download of the title track for those who don't already have this morbid music milestone on the mp3 player.

From the first post:

The candles freshly blown on The Birthday Party, Angry Young Nick Cave entered a London studio in March of 1984 and, alongside BP leftover Mick Harvey and a host of others, banged and thrashed through seven tracks of what would come to be Cave’s stock and trade: Murder. Deception. Thievery. Loneliness. Literature. All of these done up in a landscape as bleak and terrible as anything Flannery O’Connor ever imagined, and its insides couched in terror. This is the rumbling lodestar in the dark icy sky of Nick Cave’s discography, an almost completely joyless set of songs that are lacking in the humor and grace that would temper his later work. These songs were born straight from the oily fires at the center of the earth.

AD will be following up with reviews of the other three albums in the set: The Firstborn is Dead, Kicking Against the Pricks, and Your Funeral . . . My Trial. I'll link the follow-ups here, loyal readers.

'Till then, why not dig on this live footage of Nick Cave spazzing out all over "From Her to Eternity"?

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