Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Movies: "Looks like we have a long night of cocaine ahead of us."

Okay, so the upcoming Mystery Team is not, by any standards, a horror flick. But, since we're friends now and I want us all to feel open about our needs, I'm asking you to empower me to share this with you in a non-threatening and groovy way despite whatever preconceived notions we might have about our relationships as "horror blogger" and "person who reads a horror blog."

Mystery Team follows the adventures of three embarrassingly older "boy" detectives who, after their "crime solving" careers peaked at the age of seven, have become the laughing stock of their hometown. Jason, the “Master of Disguise;” Charlie, the “Strongest Kid in Town;” and Duncan, the “Boy Genius,” struggle to keep the faith until they can find a case that will redeem them in the eyes of the community.

In a grim twist, they get their wish when a young neighborhood girl asks the Mystery Team to find out who killed her parents.

Parental homicide is a big laugh area for me – but the trailer also includes saucy language, vomit, sexual congress with baked goods, drugs, gunplay, strippers, and some neat retro bicycles. Not safe for work. The strippers and vomit and swearing, I mean. The bicycles are safe-ish. I guess. Hell, I don't know where you work. Use your own judgment.

Here's the trailer:


Shon Richards said...

It's been strange to me that having grown up with so many boy detective books, that there doesn't seem to be more books or movies like this. I mean, Encyclopedia Brown as an adult seems like a can't lose idea.

I can't wait to see this.

spacejack said...

Ha! This actually appeals to me quite a bit. When I was a kid I read all the Three Investigators books I could find. I'm thinking this movie must have been inspired by that series.

CRwM said...

Screamin' Shon,

It is odd that there isn't more of this out there. Other than Joe Meno's novel Boy Detective Fails, I can't think of any other kid-sleuths-grow-up tales.

CRwM said...

Screamin' Sassy,

I had never heard of the Three Investigators before, so I'd assumed they were just playing of generic types. Now that you point it out though, I can see the potential influence.

Shon Richards said...

I had forgotten 'Boy Detective Fails'. I saw it once and didn't pick it up for budget reasons. Is it any good?

CRwM said...

Couldn't say. There's good buzz about Meno, but I've never read any of his books.

wiec? said...

i think Space Jack is on to something there. the trailer made me think of Jupiter Jones and the other 2 Investigators right off the bat too. A not for kids version to be sure. looks like it might be good for some laughs though.