Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Great Slasher Research Project of 2010: Keep 'em comin'.

I've got just over 20 responses in comment form and in emails. Thanks everybody who has responded so far.

For those who haven't yet responded, what are you waiting for? A written invitation?

Well, okay then.

Dear blog reader,

You are cordially invited to participate in the Great Slasher Research Project of 2010. Step 1 of the two step project involves crowd sourcing a working definition of the a slasher film. To help, leave a comment, either here or in the original post, that lists (in no particular order) the elements you believe make a film a slasher film. Don't worry about the answers of others - in fact, don't even read the other responses until you've contributed your own. And don't spend to much time crafting the perfect response. We're looking for a list like so:

1. Something something
2. Things
3. Stuff that is there
4. Nothing that shouldn't be there
5. You know

On the 20th, I'll quit taking suggestions and present those elements on which their was the greatest consensus.

Dress code is casual. You may bring guests.

There's your written invite. No more excuses.


Wings1295 said...

Hmmm, let's see...

1. Victims, usually a varied bunch of friends, some of whom would never hang out together in real life. And usually one has to be a real ass.

2. A killer who is more than just an unstable Mabel, this killer usually has a gimic, be it supernatural or vengeful.

3. A setting where the group and killer are separated from easily accessed help. And if help is available, it is either a grumpy, unwilling to help cop or an inept authority figure.

4. Sex and/or drugs.

5. Inventive, non-repetitive kills. No "modus operandi" here, killers in these movies like to shake things up.

6. One or two survivors, usually a girl, but occasionally a male or a male and female.

7. No matter how final the death of the killer, he can somehow come back in a sequel for round two. Or twenty-two.

James Gracey said...

My two cents worth:

Isolated location

Boogie man/killer



Final girl

Stalking sequences

Past wrong/misdeed

Body count

Exploitation in the form of blood/gore/nudity


Ineffectual police/generational conflict

CRwM said...

Thank you both for your responses. They have been loaded into the Great Slasher Project of '10 Slasher Element Tracking Database - that is, the, um, Excel sheet I'm using to keep track of all this stuff.

Heather Santrous said...

That isn't much of a writen invention. It doesn't even have my name on it!

CRwM said...


What do I gotta do to get you to participate? Tell me. Anything. You name it.

Anonymous said...

1. the killer should have a mask or something like a hood so you never see what his face looks like. either the face should be horribly scarred or when de masked it should be a big reveal ala scooby doo.

2. sharp things like knives, axes, maybe a handheld scythe.

3. night and or darkness. shadows help too.

4. isolation. no cops and no hope for rescue. woods are good or a big house with lots of rooms. no phones or electricity help also.

5. lots of one dimensional archetypes to be killed in interesting ways. included usually: a jock, a nerd, a community girlfriend/ slutty type, a metalhead. a corny jokester, a pretty boy, a rich kid who usually wears a polo shirt and a sweater vest and a guy who is "horny ... like all the time". most of your newer slashers include a sassy black (male or female) best friend.

Heather Santrous said...

You don't have to do anything special. Since you seem to really want me to partake, I guess I will.

1) The killer is unknown, at least until the end.

2) Uses slasher type weapons biggest part of the time. Doesn't have to be a bladed weapon, just something that can cut.

3) The killer goes after a group of people that are usually friends. Not of the killer but with each other.

4) The kills don't have to be the focus of the movie. Lets face it though, killing is messy so a slasher should be at least a little gory.

5) The killer takes his time/stalks those he wants to kill.

6) Either one or just a small few should survive by the end.

7) The killer might get stopped sometimes, but is very hard or impossible to kill.

8) At least one person should do battle with the killer.

9) Just when you think the killer is actually dead, he isn't.

Hmm..I think that is all for right now. I can't think of anything else. If I do I will be sure to let you know though.

AndyDecker said...

Well ...

1. The Identity of the Killer should be a mystery.

2. Lots of sex

3: Lots of blood

4. Lots of sharp instruments should be used for killing

5. The supernatural is not always required.

6. Atmosphere is as important as it is in a Gothic