Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Great Slasher Research Project of '10: Last Call for Comments!

Alright, Screamers and Screamettes, it's the last day for comments in the first part of the Great Slasher Research Project of '10.

This s**t just got real!

We've email and comment responses from more than 40 readers, as well as definitions I've culled from academic sources. All told, we're gonna aggregate more than 50 trait lists to create our working "formula" for slasher flicks.

But I can still use more data. The more answers folks submit, the better our definition will reflect the general understanding of what a slasher flick is. So whether you're a long-time slasher flick aficionado or you haven't seen a slasher flick since that VHS tape of Friday the 13th scared you into half a heart-attack at your 14th birthday party sleepover, I want to hear from you.

You can leave an answer here or on the original post, just leave an answer. Do it, for science. And the children. But mostly science.

1 comment:

Albert Cumberdale said...

-There's a murderer.

-He kills more than two people and tries to kill even more of them.

-He doesn't use a gun as it regular killing weapon.

-The murderer's victims and targets tend to be less than 35 years old (unless they are related with one or some of the younger targets, helps them, warns them or conceal information from them).

-The killer's targets are not aware of the danger until the later half of the movie. There can be one aware victim o target that no one listens to.