Thursday, July 16, 2009

Music: Where the sun don't shine.

Though their name sounds like the title of some ecchi yaoi manga for tween girls who crush hard on the bishonen, Black Moth Super Rainbow is a famously reclusive neo-psychedelic experiment-pop outfit hailing from Pennsylvania. The core members of the group – who operate under the nom de guerres Tobacco, the Seven Fields of Aphelion, Power Pill Fist, Iffernaut, and Father Hummingbird – had somehow found one another by 2002 and released their first long-player the next year. They then ditched their urban surroundings for a secret headquarters somewhere in the Pennsylvania countryside. For this hidden location, they've cranked out either three or five more albums, depending on who you ask.

Their video for fuzzed out "Born on a Day the Sun Didn't Rise" starts like some Super-8 home video of happy-time hippie highjinks and then goes creepily Manson-esque. I especially enjoy the expression on the face of the square victim – as if getting cult murdered has been the only exciting and interesting thing to ever happen to him. 'Cause, hey, if you're gonna get done in by a trio of blood-crazed retro-chic Bacchae in your own basement, you should try to focus on the positive aspects of the experience.

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wiec? said...

people skipping through graveyards always makes me smile. i have the new record and like it quite a bit.

and Power Pill Fist is one great nom de plume.