Friday, July 03, 2009

Music: "You know me. I hate everyone."

I haven't seriously thought about Nine Inch Nails since I was in college, some two trillion years ago. There was a brief moment, back then, when it looked like the twin attack of NIN and Ministry was going to push industrial music into the mainstream (including the legally-mandated David Bowie style cop that let's you know when a particular music is ready for mass production). However, just a few years or so after Closer and Psalm 69, it all fizzled and the public started diggin' a resurgent wave of pop and embracing mall punk. Apres le Ministry, Blink 182.

To my shame, I did not keep the faith. I was vaguely aware of NIN's Year Zero album/game/lifestyle-choice whoopjamboreewho – though I caught up to it late in the cycle and it all seemed a bit daunting to come in on the middle.

Given this neglect, I find myself oddly moved by the news that Reznor is calling it quits and shelving the NIN brand. This is, I think, only news to me. After all, his current tour is called the "Wave Goodbye" tour and the merch for contains the one-man-sonic-factory's incep and termination dates (1989 – 2009). Still, my utter invulnerability to the obvious doesn't change the fact that the news saddens me.

So, Screamers and Screamettes, let's wish Mr. Reznor happy trails and enjoy this clip from what is reported to be NIN's last US performance ever, from this year's Bonnaroo.

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