Friday, September 05, 2008

Stuff: Thinking inside the box.

Artist Alex CF creates amazing mixed media assemblages – part art piece, part play set – that appear to be recovered relics from the darkly fantastic worlds of Stoker, Lovecraft, and others. Above is an image of his brilliant "Werewolf Anatomical Research Case."

To get a better sense of how detailed and interactive these things are, check this video (scroll to the bottom of the page) of Alex CF walking you through the various components of a set he calls "The Henrich Emille Rectangle" – a collection of artifacts detailing researchers into a mysterious and dangerous structure that appears to defy the laws of physical universe.

Vampire hunting kits, a box from the so-called "Mountains of Madness" expedition, ghost traps, and even some props for an upcoming remake of the classic film "Nosferatu;" there's plenty of nifty stuff to check out. Enjoy.

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