Sunday, September 21, 2008

Music: Who's your crawdaddy?

Regular readers of ANTSS know I've got a soft spot for 1960s garage rock and, today, I'm going to indulge. I can do that. 'Cause it is my blog. That's why you should get a blog, seriously. It's like being the supreme dictator of your own small English-speaking country in some out of the way corner of the world, like Europe or something. That's the beauty of the Internet Era: it's made us all a bunch of little Doctor Dooms. It's pretty awesome.

Today's fuzzed out clamor comes from the Syndicats. The Syndicats were one of the countless R&B influenced rock groups that populated the Mod-mad London scene of the early 1960s. Produced by the famed Joe Meek, the young staff of the Syndicats was so fluid that, to this day, there's debate as to who played what instrument on what songs. Though it is established that the Syndicats were the first group of Steve Howe, who would later gain fame as the guitarist in prog rock legends Yes, and featured Ray Fenwick, later of the Spencer Davis Group, it is unclear which Syndicats tunes feature Howe and which feature Fenwick.

The Syndicats only cut three singles during their three-year existence. The b-side of their last single, the charting "On the Horizon," became a cult item for garage rock revivalists for its raw and unhinged solos. Here's the Syndicats "Crawdaddy Simone":

As a bonus, here's the Horror's cover from a live show in Norway:

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