Monday, April 21, 2008

Stuff: Why is this conceptual shark smiling?

Normally, in the cut-throat world of blogging, one tries to avoid directing traffic away from your site. They're my readers, darn it, MINE. Down down down mine mine mine!

But, I'd be jerk of a horror host if I didn't hip you to Wordsmith Books' bookshop blog, the location of what I can safely say will be the best week-long tribute to Steven Hall's genre-warping mutant horror novel Raw Shark Texts held in Decatur, GA this year, if not ever: screamers and screamettes, I'm talking about Raw Shark Week!

Secret origins, beheaded kitty cats, theoretical meme predators, indie rock – it promises to be 100% unadulterated cool, so click on over and check them out this week, won't you?

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