Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Stuff: Giant monster art rampage!

During the 1960s, Marvel and Atlas Comics ran several series of monster anthology rags featuring oversized monsters that stomped their way around various, usually anonymous, cities. The slim plots of these tales were about a formulaic as they could come. The monster would rise out of the depths or fall from space. The citizen panicked, defenses forces proved useless, doom seemed certain. Then, always, some lone guy figure out the beast's Achilles heel and the day was saved! We were safe . . . but for how long? Dum dum dum. For a full run down on these beasts, check out the nifty Monster Blog (see sidebar), an entire blog dedicated to these big baddies.

In tribute to this cheesy but fun era of outsized monstrosities, several artists have gathered together to create tributes to the Atlas/Marvel giant monsters. Tremble before the horror of Orogo! Thrill at the awesome might of Gomdulla! Ponder the boundless oddities that are The Things from Nowhere!

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