Sunday, September 02, 2007

Stuff: Trade, if you dare!

If you've been in the market for a "possibly haunted animatronic display character," then you are in luck. Apparently, this dude bought a mechanical figure from a church basement sale. From his own description:

i call her “cherry girl”. i bought her many years ago at a church basement flea market for $15. she’s animatronic, sits atop a “chocolate drop”, and bends to place a large cherry on an imaginary cake when plugged in. my girlfriend thinks she’s EVIL and makes me hide “cherry girl” under the stairs. she say’s “that thing hates me” and “that thing cut my hand”…so it must go!

There's a catch, though. The old lady he bought her from said he can't sell her. He has to trade Cherry Girl.

Check out the craigslist post.


Anonymous said...

Man, how weird!
Cool and weird!
The youtube footage played screwy for me, but what little I got out of it was very strange.
The mandate that it cannot be sold but must be traded for sounds like the beginning of a horror film, and obviously the guy who owns this thing is picking up on that vibe.
Ha ha ha ha!
Curious to read any diabolical follow-ups to this item...

CRwM said...

The wife forbids me to contact the guy and trade for Cherry Girl.

That means that it is up to you.