Friday, September 07, 2007

Comics: Last call!

Alright, Screamers and Screamettes, I've got one – count it:one – hot little copy of The Nightmare Factory left to give away. And this one, dear reader, belongs to you! Yes, you!

You: "But CRwM, how do I claim this absolutely free copy of The Nightmare Factory, the excellent new horror anthology by Fox Atomic, adapting the weird tales of Thomas Ligotti and featuring the fine work of Ashley Wood, Ben Templesmith, and a host of other great writers and artists?"

CRwM: "Fear not. All you need to do is shoot me an email at crwm44@yahoo[dot]com. Next person to email me wins."

You: "That sounds easy."

CRwM: "It is."

You: "Why am I still reading this? I need to get a electronic mailing."

CRwM: "That you do, dear reader. That you do."

You: "Please quit writing dialog for me. I need to go."

CRwM: "Of course, sorry."


Anonymous said...

email sent, as there's no comment saying who won .. Shoulda checked earlier this morning. Too busy at work

CRwM said...

And Screamin' Sassy is our winner!

No more books. All out. Please quit yer beggin'.