Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Stuff: You've seen the movies, read the novel, purchased the comic books, eaten the hot sauce, and posed for the portrait. Now, use the font!

Going out on a limb and serving that miniscule niche market that enjoys zombies and zombie-related merch, the folks at allow the tireless zombiphile the means to express his love for mindless brain-eaters orthographically.

These fine folks have produced a zombie-based font that renders your words in a series of zombies posed into lettering.

My standing dislike of all things relating to the overplayed zombie-phenom aside, this is actually pretty neat. Here's the whole alphabet, undead-style:

The zombies are designed by Cleveland-based podcaster Len Peralta.


Anonymous said...

This ongoing tension with regards to ubiquitous pop cultural zombie proliferation....

I don't disagree with the theoretical backlash...
in fact, in one of the unfinished projects from my New Year's Resolutions list, the so-called "Trisa" story I was so-called working on, had a zombie premise to begin with. In my defense, I was trying to come up with a serviceable down and dirty story to just get me drawing some comic book pages because I seemed to be stuck on ANOTHER unfinished story (also on the same list).
Well, since "Trisa" has struck a creative reef as well, I've decided to change the zombie dynamic to just something... different.
A different something.

Okay, since I don't know what, this whole little story seems pointless, but from a philosophical point of view, I'm sharing this story with YOU because of your INFLUENCE. Your complaint of a zombie overdose in comics made me reconsider the whole knee-jerk living dead card. You made me reconsider.
Okay, so i still have bupkiss (sp?) done on the story BUT, to make a lame analogy: if a guy's a virgin and he's in his 30s, is it because he's saving himself for the right woman or because he just can't get laid?
The difference is important, I think.

In this case, I'd like to think I'm saving myself and not just some lame-o who can't get laid.

For those who are confused, I'm NOT a virgin, my wife's great in bed and I get my licks in there as well (uh, hey! that's dirty! cool!).
I just suck at producing any drawings or comic book pages.

Back to your post, more or less... a weird idea:
This monastery in the middle ages gets contaminated with mysterious radioactive waste from space debris that lands on their property.
It changes the monks, which in turn, affects everything they do.
Soon, the illuminated letters they are painstakingly creating becomes....infected.
The characters they've drawn in tainted goldleaf change, and start to feed on the people in the illustrations. You know, the ones by Gustav Dore. Yeah, because, uh, they're just lying around conveniently for this story to work.
Anyways, after the zombie characters, a strange sight in gold and grue, have worked their way through the apostles and background extras of the miracle of the loaves and fish, the illuminated dead set their sights on the illustrated body of Christ.

The only thing that can save the etched messiah is...

Wouldn't THAT be an interesting looking animated film?
Yeah, yeah... I'm goofy.

CRwM said...

Actually, the Erasercist is a freakin' brilliant idea.

That's all I have to say.

Freakin'. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit.