Friday, January 05, 2007

Stuff: It's like radio, only poddier.

Back in October, I dropped a link on you cats that lead to an archive of classic horror radio shows. If you dug that, then dig on this: a horror podcast magazine.

Pseudopod features bi-weekly podcasts of new horror short stories. In their own words:

"Pseudopod is the world’s first horror podcast magazine. Every two weeks we bring you chilling short stories from some of today’s best horror authors, in convenient audio format for your computer or MP3 player.

"We pay our authors, but we will always be 100% free. We are supported through listener donations, so if you like what you hear, please consider giving via our PayPal button!

"Our editors are Mur Lafferty and Ben Phillips. Pseudopod is a production of Escape Artists, Inc. Be sure to check out our other podcast, Escape Pod, for the best in science fiction and fantasy.

"WARNING: This is a podcast of horror fiction. The stories presented here are intended to disturb you. They are likely to contain death, graphic violence, explicit sex (including sexual violence), hate crimes, blasphemy, or other themes and images that hook deep into your psyche. We do not provide ratings or content warnings for specific stories. We assume by your listening that you wish to be disturbed for your entertainment. If there are any themes that you cannot deal with in fiction, that are too strongly personal to you, please do not listen.

"Pseudopod is for mature audiences only. No story on Pseudopod is suitable for children. We mean this very seriously."

I love that last paragraph.

Special thanks to toxicfur for hipping me to this site.


Anonymous said...

Great name for the site. Though pseudopod has more of an sci/fi alien feel to it than horror, I still like the pun. Reminds me of classic Bradbury aliens on Venus type stuff..

Were you one of the skiffy folks at alma matter ? (I wasn't... )

CRwM said...

I was not. I'm not a big sci-fi guy in general.

Anonymous said...

Skiffy! HA!
Okay, I don't collect slang dictionaries, but I love stumbling across slang, colloquialisms and uh, others.
I did pick up a yiddish dictionary, tho, an impulse purchase, some time ago.
Of course, it's lost somewhere in the boundaries of the Quadrangle of the Damned (my room).
Oy vey.

I'm not a huge fan of science fiction, but I do like it. Probably more science fantasy than hard science fiction (ie. astrochicks in tight costumes fending off tentacled aliens), but I did pick up a book of early Phillip Jose Farmer stories, including a what if?: What if Edgar Rice Burroughs' character Tarzan was written by William Burroughs?