Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Stuff: Monsters out of the closet?

Here's one of the cooler horror sites I've stumbled across in my young, but storied and thrilling, un-career as an un-professional horror blogger.

Punningly titled Camp Blood, this site is a one-stop source for those interested in all things queer and horrific (well, maybe not all things – I couldn't find any mention of Mary Cheney's book on the site). Reviews, news, and other features; all written in an insightful and often funny voice that deserves attention regardless of how you may (or may not, as the sad case may be) get your bad groove thing on.

If you’re a horror fan, it is well worth a visit.

Contest Update

We now have a three horse race for ANTSS's first ever contest: the horror haiku whoopjamboreewho!

Never has the Internet seen such a battle of literary titans! This is why poetry was invented!

And there's still time to get in on the action! It is still anybody's game!

And the winner – besides becoming the toast of the intellectual elite – will get not one, not two, but THREE, that's right THREE, as in the magic number, horror novels free of charge! I won't even charge you shipping.

What are you waiting for? Go clicky on the linky and read the embarrassingly simple contest rules. Then go haiku the crap out of the competition and claim your prize already. Your books await.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"haiku the crap out of the competition..." HA!
That's funny.
Although, I swear to God, if I could, I WOULD!, he said a BIT too competitively.

For a guy who's occasionally bright, I'm sometimes pretty damn slow, and it took me awhile to realize the play on words in "Camp Blood." Although this was before you pointed it out, but still.
It reminds me of another, and coincidentally appropriate, title I was slow on.
There's a horror film out on the shelves at Blockbuster, I think maybe still a new release?, called HELLBENT, and it's a horror film with an all-gay cast. I learned of it through one of Amanda by Night's online reviews.
Anyways, I actually thought it was a curious title, and then, it hit me like a ton of bricks! The reference to the play BENT (about the persecution of homosexuals during WWII Germany), which suddenly made HELLBENT a great title to me. In fact, I wonder if someone cracked that the word "Hellbent" sounded like the name of a gay horror film as a joke, and then decided to develop a whole story into a script inspired by just that simple joke?