Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Stuff: For those who like their horror travel-sized.

I haven’t decided yet whether or not these PVC figurines of classic Universal monsters (with one stray non-Universal nosferatu-style vampire thrown in) are cool or insufferably cutesy. And when the blogger is in doubt, then it is you, citizen reader, who must decide!

These three-inch tall figures are the product of Spanish toy-art creator dKiller Panda. As a dude who has capitalization issues with his own handle, I can’t take issue with the name; but I remain hesitant about the entire ethos of the “toys meant to be looked at and not played with” thing.

That said, I love that Mr. Panda dug up a delightful second stringer like the not-a-vampire from London After Midnight.

These figurines will be available from Dark Horse comics this coming March. A set of three is going to run you about 20 clams.


Anonymous said...

Insufferably cutesy. There's nothing wrong with “toys meant to be looked at and not played with." But these things are too Hot Topic to be cool.

Anonymous said...

Make that 2 votes for cutsey. Though some have "Nightmare Before Christmas" feel to 'em.

CRwM said...

Tough crowd.

Anonymous said...

I think they're adorable!
But cool!
I personally like the tension caused by the paradox of juxtaposing adorable-osity and weird source material.
Of course, I also wear a Powerpuff Girls watch with a pink plastic watch band.

Shut up! It's cool! THEY're cool! I'm--well, I gotta get ready for a company party... show off my watch...

CRwM said...

To Mr. cattleworks:

Got your email. The book is on its way.

Anonymous said...