Friday, February 12, 2010

"It's a blessed condition, believe me": Images of African Americans in horror cinema #9.

Throughout February, ANTSS will be running images that reflect - for better or worse - the image of African Americans in horror cinema.

Poster for The Thing (1982), featuring, among others, T. K. Carter and Keith David.


Gore-Gore Girl said...

T.K. Carter is the guy on rollerskates? I feel like his name was Windows. Maybe that was the wimpy white guy though.

Good call on Keith David.

CRwM said...


Windows is actually the radio operator, who also played Fox in The Warriors. The cat on the skates is Nauls.

Gore-Gore Girl said...

Thanks dude - I like to get my characters straight.

Anthony Hogg said...

Here's something that might horrify you: another Thing remake on the way.

So we've got quite a trifecta (if you count the original movie): a remake of a remake.

Anthony Hogg said...

Whoops, it's been billed as a prequel! My mistake.

The plot does sound similar, though.