Tuesday, February 09, 2010

"It's a blessed condition, believe me": Images of African Americans in horror cinema #7.

Throughout February, ANTSS will be running images that reflect - for better or worse - the image of African Americans in horror cinema.

Virginia Masden from Candyman, 1992.


Gore-Gore Girl said...

Hey, wait, she's white!

I love Candyman - I knew it would pop up soon. I'm really enjoying this series by the way. It's cool.

CRwM said...


I was thinking of saving Candyman for last as it's the source for the title of the series. But what the heck, I figured. Why wait?

Gore-Gore Girl said...

So that's what the quote is from. Now you say it, I can hear the voice and everything. I always liked "I am rumor."

I'm with you - why wait? In fact, why not put up more than one pic, especially as you have so many characters to choose from. Bernadette is one of my favourite characters, especially knowing Kasi Lemmons went on to make Eve's Bayou.

Anonymous said...

Candyman is also an interesting choice in that it is a black demon preying on African Americans.