Friday, February 05, 2010

"It's a blessed condition, believe me": Images of African Americans in horror cinema #4.

Throughout February, ANTSS will be running images that reflect - for better or worse - the image of African Americans in horror cinema.

Artist Keith Haring prepares Grace Jones's costume and make up on the set of Vamp, 1986.


Sasquatchan said...

Grace Jones.. So does her work with the notable cult figure Walken in View to a Kill count as horror, or just a horrible film ? (recall Roger Moore's toupee flapping in the breeze in that one .. )

CRwM said...


By virtue of the fact that the filmmakers were kind enough to simply imply the sex scene between Bond and Mayday, rather than committing to screen what surely would have been both the '80s scariest film moment and the heart attack that killed Roger Moore, View remains firmly outside the horror realm. Sadly, for different reasons, it also fell outside the realms of adventure and thriller. But that's a different post.

dfordoom said...

Ah yes, Vamp. A movie that tried so hard. But just didn't make it. But what little interest the movie provided was due entirely to Grace Jones.