Friday, January 09, 2009

News: " Frankly, I've heard alot of wild stories in the media . . . "

Is this the next gen proton pack?

I'm somewhat hesitant to post this as the ANTSS staff has been hoodwinked by hoaxers before. I'm thinking specifically about the perennial "London After Midnight found" brouhaha of last year. Falling for that was a pretty boneheaded move, but I managed somehow to tap a vast and previously undiscovered source of boneheadness and pass the "news" on to you, my loyal and unsuspecting Screamers and Screamettes.

So, in that long tradition of handing you poorly vetted and highly questionable information as if it were genuine, I direct your attention to Ghostspy: A blog that's supposedly run by a crew member working on Ghostbusters 3.

There's no reason yet to assume that this is anything but a prank. I picked up the link from the fine folks at Bloody Disgusting and even they claim that the site makes their "journalistic instincts scream "bullsh*t." Anything that makes the folks at BD claim they have "journalistic instincts" is immediately dubious, so lector caveo.


houseinrlyeh said...

Hm, I'm just going to use reversed logic here and say that something that touches those special "journalistic insticts" must in fact be authentic.

when is evil cool? said...

i dunno. i'm skeptical. this thing looks like something from Batman's utility belt not something Egon and Stenzler made in thier basement.

and wasn't the thing called a positron glider?

i hope it's fake.

CRwM said...


I'm with you. Looks a little manga-ish to me.