Monday, January 26, 2009

Meta: I'm sorry. So sorry.

Dear Screamin' Cats and Kittens - and especially you, generous and kind reader - I must beg and grovel for your forgiveness.

I haven't posted in like two billion days (in hamster days and metric). I could try to pass it off as the consequence of sudden over-employment (the curse I wish on all freelancers) or cop 'tude and claim that there's been naught worth my writing about.

But we'd know those would be lies. Damn lies!

The simple truth is that I'm a fool. That's right. I'm a blind fool who has simply taken you - gentle, wonderful, intelligent, and let's not mince words here, downright sexy (y'all know what I talkin' and don't pretend you don't) reader o' mine - for granted.

Please be patient. There are more posts in the works. Here at the ANTSS labs, we're putting the jumper cables to the neckbolts of flick reviews for The Strangers and Mister Vampire, and book reviews for Tashen's Horror Cinema book and a truly horrible, horrible comic book about a hipster, tattooed, Gossip Girls moody boy, Zen monk Frankenstein's monster (seriously, yo, it was worse than whatever worsetiness you just imagined).

In the meantime, for public penance, for abusing the near-sacred faith you - yes, you, dear reader - put in me, I offer this musical apology.


Sasquatchan said...

I'm still here, still tracking.. Off work today, so I can get out..

Ryne said...

Apology accepted, if only because I do sure love me some Brenda Lee (nah, actually that's my mom talking).

Shon Richards said...

Apology accepted, though if you were to lie and make an excuse, which horror villain would you blame your tardiness on?