Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Music: Do I know you?

So there this Los Angeles based band called Shiloe. They do a sort of fuzzed out shoegazy post-punk influenced power pop rock and or roll thing. It's cool.

In accordance with the Compulsory Underground Music Online Notification via Myspace Act of 2007, Shiloe has a myspace page. Warning the music kicks in automatically, so mute it if you're in your cube. You drone.

Here's the trio covering Bauhaus's signature tune:

Most importantly, their new EP is actually titled And Now the Screaming Starts!

Why the nerve! I'd have half a mind to sue the pants off these left coast hipsters, if I hadn't stolen the name myself.


Melissa said...

It's an excellent title, what can we say?? We are honored to share it with a fellow horror enthusiast like yourself. (Oh yes, and the movie that we mutually ganked it from.)

CRwM said...


Thanks for stopping by. As one of the elite community of ANTSS title-gankers (yoinks, I say!), I salute your and your bandmates' efforts.

The wonderfully named EP is top notch stuff. I'm especially enjoying "Alarms."