Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Music: "Dampened by insanity!"


Welcome to the first day of AND NOW THE SCREAMING STARTS auto-posts. Today's AND NOW THE SCREAM STARTS post comes to you from Blogger's own Blog-a-matic 3400 Mark 9 Content Creation System. Though CRWM is unable to create a post today because he or she is unable to fulfill his or her blogging obligations, the Blog-a-matic 3400 Mark 9 Content Creation System will create a custom blog in the field of HORROR/MUSIC tailored to the unique style of CRWM. His or her fans shouldn't notice the difference.


Today fan girl person and boy: that the host of my and your and the private friend of end is CRWM. Today, because the joy of your viewing and the education which is promoted, as for me. "It shows in you of music video of for the sake of; Under the Pines," depending upon the band Bodies of Water. As for thrill to the domestic drama, you are addicted to the panting of the kind of power which makes the fear of tragedy and the magical using dog hold which are dampened by insanity!


OCKerouac said...

Heh... I just heard this track on XMU on the way home... The DJ mentioned the 'Lynchian' video and my first thought was 'I bet it ends up on ANTSS... I guess the Blog-a-matic 3400 Mark 9 Content Creation System and I have similar views on what you are likely to post... Good stuff...

CRwM said...

Doc OCK,

The Blog-a-matic 3400, it may have bouts of megalomaniacal delusion RE: robot domination of the world, but it picks some nice music videos. I glad you liked it.