Monday, December 15, 2008

Music: Wisely, he did not invite Betsy to this particular show.

In my previous post regarding Fido, I mentioned that we'd seen two zombie stripper projects in as many years. Enquiring readers wanted to know what project other than 2008's Zombie Strippers was I referring too.

If you've lost sleep over this, I was referring to the '06 music video for Naked Ape's "Redo/Undo," which features what appears to be a slowly zombificatin' Travis Bickle watching a rotting corpse poll dance. It was part of an even pair of zombies-gone-wild videos the band dropped that year. Their vid for "Fashion Freak" featured zombies as naught car washers. It also included a pretty bad looking CGI zombie lap dog.

This is probably not safe for work. Heck, it might not be safe for your home. I don't know where you live, right? Zombie strippers, wet t-shirts of the damned, bad CGI – that's as honest a description of these videos as you're ever going to get. Click the white arrows at your discretion.

Here's "Fashion Freak."

And here's the cadaverous gyrations of "Redo/Undo."


Sasquatchan said...

Will try to view from home.

Would you go to a zombie stripper show ? Where would you stick the dollars ? And how would you prevent your hand from being gnawed off when you make it rain ?

CRwM said...
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CRwM said...

Screamin' Sassy,

As a general rule, I always answer "yes" to any "would you ever" question, if only because I'd want to be able to answer that I had, in fact, done the thing being asked about if asked again later.

I formed this philosophy when, on being asked if at a bar if I would ever have sex with Juliette Lewis, I lied and answered, "Would I? I've done it. She likes to be tied up and peed on."

The reaction was instant and quite gratifying.

Since then, I always answer yes with the idea that I could then chime in on later hypotheticals.

As for the question about protecting your hand, you'd just have to be careful, as you would at any strip club. It isn't all that much different from the "social clubs" I normally frequent, honestly.

If the joint you're currently visiting is free of bite-damage potential, I humbly submit that you're in need of a venue change. Bite marks are to stripping what rosemary is to mirepoix: you can do it, but what's the point?

CRwM said...

Oh dammit! Wouldn't you know it! The very second I post a comment about pissing on Juliette Lewis and getting bitten by strippers, my wife's blog icon shows up in my followers list.


It's like being a filthy degenerate isn't even worth it sometimes.

Hi honey.

spacejack said...

Hmm... maybe you should take this as a sign to meditate on what you might have done to earn such bad karma that the mysterious forces of randomness at work in the universe have it out for you.

CRwM said...

Screamin' Spacey,

Very wise advice. Why didn't I think of that?

Speaking of advice, I forgot to mention in the Fido review that the flick is a Canadian production. Grist for the Canadian Horror Blog mayhaps?

spacejack said...

Indeed it is. Once I get past the pre-holiday, multiple-deadline crunch I'm facing, I'm planning to do little else but catch up on Canadian horror flicks.

The Igloo Keeper... said...

Juliette Lewis is a zombie??

CRwM said...

Sure felt like it.