Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Music: He's only got one eye!

The lucha-tastic video for Noah and the Whale's "Shape of My Heart" features a wrestler in a Santo mask dubbed El Corazon going up against a colorful rouges gallery of unlikely foes, including Killer Robot ("He's programmed . . . to kill") and Frank ("Just call him, 'Sir!'").



Tenebrous Kate said...

One-Eye's optic nerve might just be the best thing I'm going to see today!

Anonymous said...

I adore Noah and the Whale. Every song is about being happy or in love, and most feature a heavily prominent violin, which I love.

Good post.

CRwM said...


Have your heard their cover of the Smith "Girlfriend in a Coma"? That was how I first stumbled across them.

Anonymous said...

Actually, no I have not. I don't recall how I first heard them, but I fell in love with their...lightheartedness and catchy pop melodies.

Jocasta, Rocks & Daggers, and Two Atoms in a Molecule are some of their better songs. I highly recommend them.