Thursday, December 04, 2008

Music: "The Old Man and the Sea Monster," plus "Enter the Laggin'""

With its puppetry and disarmingly low-fi effects, the video for Feist's melancholy "Honey Honey" is a grim fairy tale that recalls the somber folk tales of Northern Europe. Plus, it's got a sea monster. That's pretty awesome.

On a lighter note . . .

Though perhaps not very horror related, this Old 97's video has some geek cred. Thrill to the fightastic action as one somewhat out of shape, asthmatic, BSG-lovin', World of Warcraft guildin' dofus opens up an economy-sized can of whoop-ass on a nightclub full of bouncer thugs!

I actually like the Walter Mitty-ish end. Furnishes the thing with a nice little comedic barb on its tail.

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houseinrlyeh said...

Two very nice finds.
I'm always surprised when musicians I actually like are making videos this geeky.