Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stuff: "I have a problem with mirrors."

Over in the UK, the Portsmouth branch of the National Health Service (NHS) is trying to combat what the BBC delicately calls the region's "traditionally poor levels of dental health" with a new public service campaign. Bad teeth? Solution: vampires. Enjoy.

Due to Blogger's sudden inability to size video worth a damn, I'll also provide this link to AdWeek, where you can see the ad in its full ratio aspect: Take me to where they know how a video should treated!


Anonymous said...

How you doing?
Well, I'm glad for two reasons that you were able to find the commercial online at its proper size:
1) So that I could see the ad properly, and...
2) So that I could check out this Adweek site!

Arghh! I'm getting some OpenID error thing and I'm not sure why..!
Ah, well.


Vincent Stark said...

Guess that's the Ultrafright smile

ed hardy said...
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