Friday, December 03, 2010

Movies: "It’s disenchanting, but it’s not difficult."

Today in the Grey Dame, Chuckie Closterman take time out from the normal music beat to ponder the oddly reassuring image of the living dead:

"I know this is supposed to be scary," he said. "But I'm pretty confident about my ability to deal with a zombie apocalypse. I feel strangely informed about what to do in this kind of scenario."

I could not disagree. At this point who isn’t?


Unknown said...

Haha! The picture of the girl is absolutely hilarious..

Pauline said...

Yeah, but the movies never talk about the smell. Anything that looks rotten probably smells that way too and that can hit you like, well, a ton of bricks. Prepare for that.

Sarah said...

I'm kind of with Pauline on this one. There has yet to be a zombie movie in Smell-O-Vision. Someone should get on that, because that's really all that is left to do.

Plus, the whole element of watching your family, friends, and neighbors being eaten. Yeah, you can imagine what you're going to do, like shoot them in the head; but if the time came, would you actually do it?