Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stuff: "We stress being prepared for a good dose of reality!"

The last days of summer are quickly slipping past us, but if you still have a little vacation time and you're looking to take the family somewhere that will ravage their fragile psyches and ensure years of therapy, then I heartily recommend Hollywood's own Museum of Death!

Founded in San Diego in 1995, the museum was moved to its current L.A. home in 2000. Proprietor James Healy curates a mind-boggling collection of morbid curios, including what is purported to be the world's largest collection of serial killer art.

From the Museum of Death's website:

the Museum of Death houses the worlds largest collection of Serial Murderer Artwork, Photos of the Charles Manson Crime Scenes, the Guillotined Severed Head of the Blue Beard of Paris, Henri Landru, Original Crime Scene and Morgue Photos from the Grisly BLACK DAHLIA MURDERS, a Body Bag and Coffin collection, replicas of Full Size Execution Devices, Mortician and Autopsy Instruments, Pet Death Taxidermy, and much much more!

Also on display are videos of autopsies and serial killers, the Heaven's Gate Cult recruiting video, and the infamous Traces (not faces) of Death video, all real (not re-enacted) Death footage.

The Museum of Death is a self guided tour, lasting approximately 45 minutes to an hour, but those who can stomach it stay as long as they like, the movies run for hours.

There is not an age limit for for the Museum of Death because WE ALL DIE but we STRONGLY recommend MATURE AUDIENCES !! There have been a number of Falling Down Ovations (people passing out) at the Museum (mostly Men) so we stress being prepared for a good dose of reality!

Have fun!

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