Friday, July 30, 2010

Stuff: Because owning a silver cross you could maybe melt down into a bullet isn't really "werewolf insurance."

I don't often get the chance to throw a link to an insurance site up on ANTSS, so when it does happen I feel weirdly elated. Term Life Insurance, of all folks, has actually whipped up the following table of super serious, very real threats for you to ponder when you debate just what sort of coverage you need. Click to read the whole thing.

Term Life Insurance

Via: Term Life Insurance


zoe said...

i'm more likely to get hit by a zombie than a pirate, hey?

Pauline said...

I have some serious concerns about actual vs supposed threat levels on this chart. I know my own raiding and pillaging accounts for far more damage and loss of life in and around the port of Anchorage than any other subject noted (I'm looking at you, ninjas!)

Where do I click to email the underwriter?

Timmy! said...

That's funny, but I do have to agree with both zoe and Pauline that the threat levels and likelihood of attacking charts don't make any sense.

They also lose points for using Jack Sparrow as a "famous pirate" (and for NOT using Nosferatu/Count Orlock or even Blackula as a famous vampire... Hell, I'd even take Count Chocula there). Another minus: "Rasputan" (sic) was NOT a vampire.