Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Real estate: Looking for a place to wait out the zombie holocaust?

In 2003, the Department of Homeland Security took over the Plum Island, America's infamous animal disease and one-time bio-weapon research lab. Shortly after, they recommended thtat the lab be closed and moved to Kansas. This means, as Christine Quigley points out, Plum Island will be up for sale.

The perfect location for a mad science lab or as a redoubt against the zombie hordes, here's what Plum Island offers:

A Biolevel-3 research facility

A 3-story 4-bedroom fieldstone residence with all the amenities, including an alarm system and a fireplace

A charming little shingled guest cottage

An 1827 55' octagonal stone and timber lighthouse with residence and storage shed

A 1-hour drive by car from New York City, then park in a private 2-car garage on the mainland and take a 5-minute boat ride to the 840-acre island

Swimming, fishing and boating on a private lake

It takes some deep pockets, but aren't you dreams of world domination worth it? With the zombie holocaust potentially around corner, how can you afford not to buy Plum Island?


zoe said...

just, bring your own water, i'd think...

Sasquatchan said...

oh, no, the island, according to wiki, has it's own water, sewer and power plants..

Or get yourself one of those old minute man silos with 20-foot thick blast doors.. (that also have their own water supply and power plant)

Now, which is safer ?

Are there Zombies that gain more awareness and learn to cross water ? (A'la King's CELL) Is there anything in zombie mythos about scared of water ? or the unending onslaught of zombies that eventually break down the door ?

zoe said...

well, i was more concerned with the kind of "research" they might have been doing, and the effect it might have had on the water..

i think crossing water would take too much "process" for zombies...getting on a boat, directing it, etc. i envision them trying to walk across and just drowning. in a silo, i'd be afraid of the unending onslaught scenario.

Unknown said...

Do you think there's a pack of highly-intelligent, but tripped-out experimental canines running around on the island?