Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Music: 'Cause, be honest, you kind of think the end of the world is going to be sort of fun.

The Sprites formed around the core husband-wife team of Jason and Amy Korzen. After the 2001 collapse of the nerd-tastic D.C. indie outfit Barcelona, Jason retreated into his basement with a four-track and, with the exception of Amy's consistent presence, a revolving cast of ex-bandmates and friends. The result was the 2003 Starling, Spider, Tiger, and Sprites (which opens with "Do It Yourself," power pop's greatest anti-band spirit anthem). The band went through a cycle of releases and touring, all the while losing members and focusing in on the Korzens. By the release of 2006's Modern Gameplay, Jason and Amy were pretty much a self-sufficient unit, playing nearly every instrument on every track and producing the album on their own.

The following track – a tribute to '70s horror film legends titled "George Romero" – is off the 2006 platter. Modern Gameplay features a full sweep of the Korzen's geeky obsessions, from the wonderful "I Started a Blog Nobody Read" to the slightly more esoteric "Huygens versus the Werewolf," which namechecks the 17th Century Dutch polymath who argued that light consists of waves, discovered centripetal force, and is considered the first dude to use a formula in his physics work. Pretty geeky, sis.

Despite the shut-in Muzikbunker otaku vibe this thumbnail bio might give off, the Sprite's sound is classic indie pop. Though the instrumentation tends towards the minimal, it stays bright and organic feeling. The lyrics are clever and the irony comes off as goofy instead of world weary. It's fun times.


houseinrlyeh aka Denis said...

Now that's what I call tasteful.

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Love it. Nice diversion on my lunch hour :)


Zane said...

My sister and I did a 'dawn of the dead' song for a cd that retold the stories of different horror movies from the narrative perspectives of people in the movies. I must admit, The Sprites 'Dawn' song is better than ours, but our 28 days later and (drunk) susperia were fun if people want to check them out: